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Birth Control Is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and Also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!! - Eliyzabeth Yanne Strong-Anderson You're kidding right $150 dollars. I recommend for a good laugh go the amazon page and check "the customers who viewed this item" bit scroll through the pages. If you don't piss yourself laughing I'll give you your money back, oh that's right, you didn't give me any money.

All that being said, I'd read for the laughs, but $150 really?

Okay so someone let me know about the kindle version on Amazon for the bargain basement price of $3, so for the giggles I bought it. Though I suspect it'll just encourage the author. On the first flip through yes all our fears are confirmed, the entire thing excepting what I'm guessing is copy/pasted scripture, is in caps lock. The author also extremely fond of *'s, >'sand :'s and hates all other forms of punctuation, unless the evils that plague those godless who fail to produce their quiverfull, also plagued the software for making this ebook version.