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The One Worth Finding - Teresa Silberstern First off let me say dom-sub stories continue to fascinate me, but I'm ambivalent I can't decide whether they turn me on or put me off. And when I'm put off, it's usually the pain aspect the Dom (usually male) needing to inflict pain, of varying degrees, and punishment on the Sub (usually female. This, I struggle with.
I loved this story, the dom is is the leading lady and the sub is the hero. Usually dom females in the books I've read are portrayed as sadistic bitches, Tara is warm, caring, and not interested in torturing the sub Aaron, except with pleasure.
The sub Aaron (this was a problem, purely personal my 2yr old son's name is Aaron) was submissive without being unmanned.
That being said the sex was plentiful and not gratuitous and hot and bothering.
Above it all it's a romance story about two wounded souls finding their other halves and coming to terms with past hurts.